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Product Introduction

Steel Grating

 Steel Grating standard
China YB/T4001-1998
British BS4592-1:1995
Australia AS1657-1992

Steel standard
China GB700-88
ASTM (A36)
BS360 (43A)
Australia AS3679

Hot dip zinc standard
China GB/T13912-92
ASTM (A123)
British BS729
Australia AS1650

Advantages, application fields and individual uses of steel grid panels
Compared with the pattern steel plate and other grille, the grid plate of Sheng gang has the following advantages:
Material saving: the most economical way to withstand the same load conditions, correspondingly, increase can reduce the support structure material.
Reduce investment: save materials, save labor, save time and avoid cleaning and maintenance.
The construction is simple: the bolt is clamped on the pre installed support and can be completed by one person.
Save time: no need for on-site re processing, installation is very fast.
Durable: before the factory hot dip zinc anti corrosion treatment, impact resistance and heavy pressure ability.
Modern style: beautiful appearance, design specifications, ventilation and light transmission, giving people a modern sense of overall fluency.
Light structure: less material, light structure, and easy to hoist.
Prevent dirt: accumulate rainwater, ice and snow and dust.
Reduce wind resistance: because of good ventilation, small wind resistance, reduce wind damage.
Simple design: no small beam, simple structure, simplified design, no need to design steel grille detailed drawings, only specify the model can be, the factory can design layout for customers.
Ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion-proof, good skid resistance.

Sheng Ge brand steel grid has been applied economically in hundreds of industrial fields.

Refined oil plant

Military engineering



Light chemical industry



Filter gate

Mining and refining

Airport Engineering


Revolving gate

petrochemical industry

steel industry

drilling platform

Ventilation fence

Power plant



Decorative grille

Machinery industry

Waste disposal

Ditch cover

Transport corridor Zhanqiao

Market Engineering

sewage disposal

Manhole cover

Ocean operation ship

Textile chemical fiber

food processing

Storage shelves

Fence fence

Marine Engineering

Pulp and paper industry


Snow prevention grille

port engineering


Washing rack

Equipment sidewalk

shipbuilding industry

Construction business


Equipment safety bar

Oil and oil chemical industry

Chemical fertilizer industry

Tethered dock

Marine landing pedal

Building materials industry


Pedestrian overpass

Railway crossing the aisle

Agriculture and animal husbandry

Pharmaceutical industry

Aisle at the side of the bridge

Airport lighting guardrail

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